Save the Date: 2017 Winter Innovation Forum

While most might consider the winter months the off-season or “down time” for farmers, those involved in the day-to-day operations know that cold winter months equate to a calendar just as busy as April or October. Farmers may not be sitting in tractor cab or combine, but their time is divided between

4-H meetings

Church responsibilities

Digging out rural neighbors

High school and college basketball games

Serving at the soup kitchen

School board meetings

FFA banquets and events

And who could forget a quick jaunt down to Florida to thaw out the patient spouse?


Harvest Land wants to be your resource for sound information to enable you to operate successfully, but we don’t want to cluster your calendar with meetings.


That’s why we invite you to save the date for our Winter Innovation Forum,  which will bring agronomy, energy, feed and grain customers to one large meeting and trade show event on February 22, 2017. Nationally renowned industry leaders will deliver breaking industry news and updates to enable you to operate successfully.


In 2016 this event brought nearly 700 growers and energy business owners to Richmond, Indiana.

What did attendees say about the 2016 Winter Innovation Forum? We’ll let them tell you, straight from our post-event survey:

Well worth my time being there. Well done

Excellent program! Speakers were informative, topics were spot on with agriculture in today’s world. Great job!

Hopefully this event continues

Comprehensive, well run, organized and relevant.

I really enjoyed the program, I was surprised on how many people I saw from my area. There was a great turn out and it was beneficial.

Some really top-notch speakers!! Thanks for putting this on and covering the cost of my pesticide application training

Great job! Great turn out and awesome atmosphere.

Excellent event! Great work Harvest Land!!

I thought it was a great day of information. Thank you for putting it together

Very well done, enjoyed the day.

Mark your calendar now and make plans to attend this powerhouse event on February 22, 2017 in Richmond, Indiana.


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