Farming or Being A Chicago Cubs Fan: A Comparison

We anticipate that the nation will continue to talk about the 2016 World Series game between the Cleveland Indians and the champion Chicago Cubs for some time to come. It may be one of those significant American events where we remember just where we were when the Cubs broke their 108-year streak of defeat.


The living room of their first house?

Their cousin’s garage?

Their favorite bar on 18th Street?

Their college dorm?

Sitting with granddad?

Asleep in bed?

Cubs fans are a unique breed, aren’t they? Sticking around for decades in the darkest hours to celebrate – finally – in the brightest light. The more we talked about the World Series at the co-op, the more we agree that farming and being a Chicago Cubs fan isn’t that much different.


Farming or being a Chicago Cubs Fan: Not for the Faint of Heart

You have to be a tough (crazy?) breed to base your income off of things completely out of control such as the weather, markets and international conflict. But farmers do just that every single year. They ride the markets, survive the drought and stay informed of what’s going on overseas because they know events near and far affect them. But their heart is strong and their heart is in being a farmer. So they stick with it.

For 108 years Cubs fans have watched from their living rooms, trekked into the city and sat in the garage with a radio beside them to tune into thousands of games. They’ve sat through bad calls, bad pitches, bad innings, bad seasons and – frankly – bad decades. But their heart is strong and their heart is in being a Chicago Cubs fan. So they stick with it.


Farming or being a Chicago Cubs Fan: Living in a Constant Roller Coaster

Up or down.

Win or Lose.

Profit or Loss.

Strong or Weak.

Bull or Bear.

Drought or Flood.

The highs and lows of farming or being a Cubs fan can go on and on.

And the above can all be experienced in just a single year.


Farming or being a Chicago Cubs Fan: Indescribable Dedication


Farmers, nor Chicago Cubs Fans, can just shut it off. Good seasons or bad, they always come back. There is no sitting it out a year, trying a different career – or some other team – for a while to see if that works out better. No, farmers and Cubs Fans are both all in, all the time. They plan weddings around the season. They decorate their homes with pieces of their passion. They spend absurd amounts of money to stay in the game. Just one more year.


Farming or being a Chicago Cubs Fan: It’s Genetic

Farmers tend to raise the next generation of farmers and Chicago Cubs Fans tend to raise the next generation of Cubs Fans. It’s just how life goes.

It’s a proven farm fact that a large majority of buddy seat passengers grow up to be tractor drivers or combine operators. The view from the cab is something farm kids learn to appreciate early, even if their head bounces on the window as they drift off to sleep to the hum of the engine growl. They’re doing what they love, with whom they love.


The same can be said for Cubs fans, except we aren’t talking buddy seats, we’re talking cheap seats. Section 233, Row 5738, Seat Z: still the best seat in the house. They’re doing what they love, with whom they love.


For those who farm and are also Chicago Cubs fans,
we have only three words to you brave, strong souls:


Photo sourced from Joe Gooding

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