Fire Training

Part of our commitment to the rural communities in which we do business is ensuring operational safety. We understand that our equipment, vehicles and busy employees burn up the road in small towns across Indiana and Ohio state lines, so safety for our employees, members and communities is our top priority.

In an effort to educate those who keep our home towns safe, we recently hosted fire training for local fire departments. Departments from Centerville-Abington, Williamsburg, Straughn and New Castle, Indiana each participated.



The training allowed fire departments to do a live burn with propane tanks and also learn how to get flames under control in small teams. Participants were also coached on how to best shut off tanks.


This education is fundamental in equipping responders – who may have to fight rural fires where propane heats residences – with the best understanding during pivotal circumstances. Harvest Land also donated the propane for the event.

We are grateful for the turnout we had and the interest shown by all departments. Thank you for working with Harvest Land to keep our communities and homes safe!

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