Harvest Elite Winners Announced


Our 2016 Harvest Eilte contest concluded Wednesday night. Harvest Elite is a yield competition facilitated by Harvest Land, Mycogen and Croplan. Specifics of the program include:

Elite Qualifications

1. Minimum order quantity of 300 bags of Croplan or Mycogen beans or 80 bags of Croplan or Mycogen corn

2. Grower must qualify for Grower Rewards through Harvest Land

3. Crop Plan must be completed and order must be submitted

4. Field must be identified with YieldPro Specialist

5. Fields must be 90 by 500 feet

6. Fields must be identified by a Croplan or Mycogen Sign

7. Field must be weighed by a Certified Harvest Land Representative

Benefits of the program include a discount on seed pricing as well as an all-expense paid trip to Dreams Riviera Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico in February. That’s right: While we’ll be firing up the tractors to move snow these Elite growers are headed to Mexico!



Check out a little more about the exciting, competitive Harvest Elite program:

Congratulations to the 2016 Harvest Elite Winners! Your commitment to strategic planning for continued success and stewardship of seed and soil have not gone unnoticed.












Do you want to be a part of this competition next year? Contact your YieldPro Specialist today to learn more.

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