Christmas With Clayton

The holidays are a time for family.

That’s why last Saturday we set aside an evening to enjoy it with those employed by Harvest Land at our cooperative-wide Christmas party in Indianapolis. We invited each employee to bring a guest for an evening of awards, fellowship and, well – food.  More than 400 hundred employees and guests drove into the city for the event.


Believe it or not, the highlight of the event wasn’t in ice-cream sundae bar. No, the highlight of the evening was when Olympic Bronze Medalist Clayton Murphy surprised guests and took the stage as the final few seconds of his Rio race played on the screen.


Clayton is the son of Harvest Land employee Mark Murphy from our Lena Ag Center location.

In the spirit or rural community support and the cooperative family, our employee group has loved watching Clayton run and pave his own road to the Olympics. Just days after winning Bronze in Rio, he kindly agreed to spend the evening of December 10th with Harvest Land.

We handed the microphone over to Clayton and he humorously told us the story of his road to Rio and the collision of cultures during that experience. He creatively tied his experience of growing up in rural Darke County, Ohio and showing pigs to the success he’s had running.


Clayton revealed to the audience that he remembers when his parents wouldn’t be home and he’d briefly consider not working with his 4-H pigs. How would they know if he’d done that work if no one was there to hold him accountable? In an effort to do what’s right, he did the work every day, even without anyone watching. That mentality has lead him to success on the track. Clayton has learned to push himself appropriately every single day, even when no one is watching. Except now, everyone is.


Clayton runs on a worldly stage now, representing rural America and everything great that can come to those who work hard and do what’s right, even when no one is looking. 




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