Doing What’s Right

While there is certainly something to be said for sticking to a routine, that plan doesn’t always work in our line of business. Constant customer interactions, changing weather and moving parts seem to guide our daily work into various directions.

We’ve learned that as long as you do what is right, things usually work out. Time and history will tell you that our best employees go where they’re needed, when they’re needed and do the things that need to be done.

Late last week’s events are a perfect example of that.

Last Thursday afternoon our Monroe, Indiana office received a phone call asking for urgent help. The out-of-state caller was reporting a leak in their relative’s fuel oil tank, used to heat their home. The office noted the name of the relative, only to realize that they were not a current customer of our’s; we learned quickly that they bought their fuel oil from a competitor. Processing the situation, we asked why they didn’t contact their fuel provider to report the problem, only to learn that they had. The relative’s energy provider had denied them service.


This – of course – shocked us, and though we weren’t exactly sure what was about to unfold, we knew that we couldn’t leave this stranger in a potentially dangerous situation. Remembering our commitment to always do what is right, the wheels were soon kicked into motion and our Harvest Land employees got to work.


Our Risk Management Team: Their services were utilized to evaluate the risk of getting involved in a fuel-leak situation when Harvest Land was not the company that set the fuel tank, maintained it or filled it. Since they weren’t a customer, Julie on our Risk Management team had no record of prior trouble. We also needed to identify how much fuel had leaked at this point: was there a hazardous material risk? It was later determined that there was no haz-mat danger at this point.


Our Administrative Team: Our Administrative team jumped into gear trying to find a prior history with this person that we may already have their contact information and home address on file. No such history was found by Teri, Katie and Shelly; this individual had never done business with Harvest Land.


Our Energy Team: Our energy team traveled to the individual’s home and assessed the situation. They inspected the tank, surrounding area and evaluated any maintenance issues. They determined that an entirely new tank needed to be set and of course, filled. Dana, Charlie and Joe all worked together to get this tank set within hours of receiving the urgent call for help and also filling it with product to keep the home warm in these winter months.


Before close of business Friday – a mere 24 hours after the initial call for help – , we received the following email from the individual’s daughter. You see, the person with the tank leak was an elderly woman, living hundreds of miles and a state away from her family.


If you rely on the evening news to capture a glimpse of what’s going on around us, it is easy to became quite frightened of the world we’re living in. But if you live day-to-day committed to doing what’s right, you’ll find yourself surrounded by good people and encouraging stories in the everyday.

Harvest Land is committed to doing what’s right and we’re proud to take care of neighbors in need throughout the small communities in which we live and work.


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