Photo Friday: 2017 Answer Plot

We had a successful (and hot) 2017 Answer Plot on August 16. There was standing room only in our presentation tents, which told us that despite the growing season we’ve endured this year, there is still a desire to learn for next year.

2017 Answer Plot topics included:

  • Nitrogen Management: Lessons Learned in 2017 for Success in 2018
  • Corn & Beans: Finish Strong in 2017, Start Strong in 2018
  • Why Can’t I Kill Weeds Anymore?: Managing with Resistance
  • Are Traits Still Relevant?: Seed Trait Technology
  • Does YieldPro Still Pay?
  • Your Credit Options
  • Keynote Presenter for those in our Harvest Elite group: King of Corn, Dr. Bob Nielsen 

Many thanks to all who attended. We know you have many places to be and we’re glad you spent the day with us.




















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