Salute to Service

With more than fifty locations, it can be difficult to hear about all the great things happening within our cooperative, thanks in large part to our team of dedicated employees. As of late, we’ve had several members contact us regarding outstanding customer service from Harvest Land employees.

We appreciate this candid feedback from our members, and we want to keep it going. 

We’d like to invite you to participate in our Salute to Service program, which will recognize employees for a job well done.

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You can participate by sending us stories of the positive encounters or experiences you have with Harvest Land employees.

Share with us the instance of an employee going above and beyond, someone handling a difficult assignment with professionalism or an employee representing Harvest Land in an oustanding way.

We invite you to tell us

why an employee deserves to be

commended on a job well done.

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In late fall, we’ll present the top Salute to Service entries to our employee base and ask them to vote for the best example of a Harvest Land employee exceeding expectations. The winner – as chosen by their peers – will be rewarded with a $1,000 cash prize and 2 vacation days. For the person that submits the winning entry? Well, they’ll walk away with $250.


Keep a watchful eye this harvest season as the weather cools and don’t hesitate to contact us with your story/stories for Salute to Service.

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You can submit entries by emailing or contact our President/CEO, Scott Logue at 765.962.1527.

Deadline to submit entries is November 8, 2017 at 5:00 PM.

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We look forward to hearing about all the great things our hard-working employees do to cultivate positivity in communities and keep our cooperative business strong for the next generation.





16 thoughts on “Salute to Service

  1. This is my son in law and I have seen him leave what he is doing to go and help someone who needs fuel. I saw him leave us his wife and grandchilder having a great time on a Sunday at the Darke county fair. They where out of diesel full didn’t hesitate to go get the truck and bring back fuel. That’s dedication. Job well done

  2. Steve Miller I`m not sure if Steve is still in my area but I would like to nominate him in the Salute to Service. My husband passed away this past June, and I was worried about keeping the oil tank filled. It was , at one time, the responsibility of my husband. Steve assured me he would keep the tank filled regularly. It was a big relief to me.

  3. Milt has always been courteous and very helpful keeping my propane stove in good working order. Milt keeps my propane tank filled so I don’t have to worry about running out!

  4. I would like to nominate everyone at the Greenville location Tabetha Roberts is always so upbeat and helpful and Terry Miller is always so helpful. Thanks for looking out for us.

  5. Hi
    I am Bob Oakes and a long time customer of Lena AG Center. I am 86 years old so I have seen a lot of Seed, Feed, Fertilizer and Grain elevators in my day starting with Brubaker Feed and Grain and Saunders Seed in the 1940’s in Tipp City, Ohio when I was in High School.
    When I returned from service in 1956 I desperately wanted to be a farmer and did most of my business with Farm Bureau. They had the elevator at Casstown, Ohio a few miles from where I farmed. During the sixties a man by the name of Walter Hanna worked for them and he did everything possible to try and help me succeed. He loved chickens and I had a chicken problem so he brought a debeaker out and helped me debeak several hundred leg horn hens. He was a man of integrity as well as helpfulness.
    You have a person in your organization that matches Walter. They both came from the same mold. Integrity and the willingness to help and understand.
    Gabe treats me as if I farm 5000 acres. I have 10 tillable acres but that makes no difference to Gabe. He does his work with the thoughtfulness that anyone would admire. I know you have a lot of good employees but Gabe McWhinney should be one of those considered.
    If Gabe should win, my $250.00 prize is to be giving to Gabe’s favorite charity.
    Bob Oakes

  6. I would like to nominate Bobby Boone he has always came in with a smile and very courteous attitude, Since my husband has passed away he has continued to make sure my fuel tanks for my business and my fuel for my house is full and I never have to worry about being taken care of. He also takes care of my sons house next door with no delay. He is very respectful and I appreciate that.

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