Salute to Service: Royce Cook

You can’t go wrong with sharing good news, especially in a week such as this. We continue to read through the Salute to Service nominations that were submitted on behalf of our employees and feel quite proud to work among some fantastic people. 2020 certainly wasn’t all bad.

This nomination was special because it was written by a farmer-member, rather than an employee. This week we salute Royce Cook, who won second place ($500 and a vacation day!). Royce is the Manager of our East Crops division, which includes Mt. Summit, Oakville and Dunreith Ag Centers.

Nomination was submitted by farmer-member Dale French.

I would like to nominate Royce Cook, Mt. Summit Coop, as an example of a very positive and encouraging employee.  Royce has often been the first to arrive and the last to leave the plant.  It doesn’t matter if you farm 10,000 acres or 500 acres, Royce treats everyone with respect.  He can answer any question you ask of him.  If he doesn’t know the answer, he will find someone who does and get back with you. Royce will always go beyond his expectations just to keep us up and running by coming in early or staying late.  He will often check at the end of the day to see if you need one more tank of anhydrous.  Royce will come in on Sundays and prepare for those of us who think we can’t pass up a good day of sunshine. This past spring I was applying way too much anhydrous and through coming to the field, not once but two or three times, Royce determined I definitely had an external problem.  After bleeding down my hoses and carefully taking my manifold apart, the next day we discovered a hole in the external gasket.  To save me a 2 1/2 hour trip to get one, Royce was able to have one couriered back to me via one of his employees.  This is just one of many tasks Royce gets accomplished. Royce Cook is an outstanding individual, a man who wears many hats. He never has a negative comment and never compares one person to another. I’m sure you know value in people and to so many of us, in or near Henry County, Royce is one of our most valuable assets. My wife and I have often commented, “when Royce retires, so are we”. Whether Royce wins this or not, I’ve always wanted to tell this to someone.  NOW I HAVE!!!


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