Salute to Service: Vickie Ramsey

You may be able to find similar product offerings in other places, but you’ll never be able to replicate the people that make Harvest Land what it is today. That’s why we’re so excited to share with you another Salute to Service nomination and this one was awarded third place in the 2020 contest. Vickie Ramsey rides for the Harvest Land brand long after she leaves the Richmond office for the day.

Nomination was submitted by the Manship Family.

Good evening, Harvestland Team! 
We would like to nominate one of your employees for the Salute to Service award. We are customers of Harvestland and value so much all of your work and service. All of your employees have been delightful. One, however, we would like to elevate for your awareness and consideration for this award. 

We would like to nominate Vickie Ramsey. Vickie has gone above and beyond to exemplify positivity, hope and dedication in the community.  They ways in which Vickie serves others is immeasurable.  For years, Vickie has helped lead a 4-H club in her community. This year was exceptionally challenging since face-to-face meetings, workshops, and activities were all canceled.  Most leaders in any organization simply paused activity as a spring/summer quarantine led Hoosiers to “hunker down” and isolate. However, Vickie recognized that the values of staying positive, doing hard work, connectivity to friends and family, and honoring a commitment to doing your best and persevering, should not be lost. She recognized a sense of normalcy for youth (and our communities) was desperately needed.  So, Vickie started an initiative all on her own which helped keep youth connected and engaged via Facebook in positive ways.  In a time when so much had been canceled or was uncertain, Vickie stepped up to help the youth connect online, share their work virtually, see each other online and find hope in the chaos.  The importance of that was impactful in such a scary time for kids of school cancellations, elearning stress, event cancels, etc.  Furthermore, Vickie was one of the first people to step forward to help the community ensure a safe and covid-compliant fair which met guidelines of Purdue, Health Departments and more.  She volunteered multiple hours, attended numerous meetings and worked multiple shifts before, during and after the fair – all to help the youth and serve the kids.  Without her efforts, the outcome would have been different for our county and the children. 

Additionally, Vickie has led several efforts to collect donations for masks, food drives for those in need, and collected and delivered hundreds of socks for those in need.  She’s done all of these (and more) while exemplifying care for neighbors, strangers, ensuring safety, and genuinely valuing her fellow friends.  She’s done all of this with an hope-filled and positive attitude while navigating tough  challenges.  

Since our kids suggested we nominate Vickie, we asked them why.  Here is what they said: 

“Vickie makes me feel good because you know how much she cares about our club and each one of the kids in it. She would go out of her way to help any of us. I would call her if I ever needed help.”

“Vickie makes me feel like I still matter even if I don’t get a really big award. She knows I still did my best and she always makes me feel good.” 

“Vickie makes me happy and is so nice to me.”

“Vickie is really just like a superhero. She never gives up, she includes people, she is kind. She just makes everyone better.” 

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to nominate Vickie Ramsey and we hope you will consider her worthy of winning your award. She’s an amazing ambassador for Harvestland. She’s changing our community, our youth and individual lives for the better. We are grateful to know her. 

Respectfully submitted,
The Manship Family 

We’re grateful to the Manship family for the effort and time they put into this nomination of Vickie. We’re also proud to have such a person on the Harvest Land team! Congratulations to Vickie for receiving such a nomination.

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