Valentine’s Day on the Farm

If you peek into the card aisle of any store this weekend you’re likely to see a farmer or two trying to find the right Valentine’s Day card for their spouse. They’ll read 10 cards, and put each one back because the perfect card for those in agriculture doesn’t exist. They’re either too sappy or too animated. And none get to the heart of the matter.

None of the cards read, “Thank you for making that urgent parts run in April when you had 100 other things to do but you put our farm first.”

And there isn’t one that reads, “I know it drives you nuts that you have to clean washers and seals out of the dryer vent but I appreciate you doing it.”

There is no Hallmark card stating, “I know I usually take you to the National Farm Machinery show this weekend but it’s been postponed until March 31 – April 3. Raincheck?”

No where will you find, “The midnight light inside the calving barn really brings out the green (and exhaustion) in your eyes.”

American Greetings has yet to publish a card that reads, “Global pandemic. Sky high land prices. Trades wars. Tighter regulation. But we still have each other!”

Those in agriculture usually show their love and appreciation in different ways and throughout the year, not necessarily on February 14, and usually not with a $5.00 greeting card someone else wrote.

It may be shown through a favorite dessert served on a tailgate in October or a ditch-pulled wildflower bouquet on the counter in July or even a weekend away once the crop is finally in the ground in May.

It matters not how you show your appreciation for your Valentine, just as long as you do.

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