Kicking Off Grain Bin Safety Week

Co-Alliance will always advocate for the American farmer and advocating for safety is forever on our priority list. Grain Bin Safety Week takes place next week, February 21 – 27, 2021 and is an annual observance that promotes grain bin safety on farms and commercial grain-handling facilities. 

Grain operators, farmers and employees are encouraged to help reduce the number of preventable injuries and deaths associated with grain handling and storage, through education and awareness of hazards and safe work practices.

While we certainly honor this week, we also believe fully that grain safety deserves to be a year-around effort. This week, we want to share with you the ways Co-Alliance has worked with rural communities on grain safety and awareness. 

Co-Alliance has donated more than a dozen grain rescue tubes throughout our territory to ensure first responders are equipped with life-saving apparatus. In addition to this, we’ve donated rope rescue sets to two fire departments.

We’ve facilitated trainings with more than 80 fire departments and 600+ first responders, including firemen, sheriff departments, emergency management and state patrols.

We have participated in several county agriculture days through the 4-H organization, elementary schools and Girl Scout troops. Through these efforts, we have facilitated grain safety lessons to more than 300 youth.

We have donated to the Henry, Clinton and Wayne counties’ emergency management training centers to ensure fire departments have an adequate and permanent training center for grain entrapment.

Co-Alliance has also donated to the Porter County MAAC Training Center.

  • 1000 gallons of propane per year for fire training
  • Hundreds of old fire extinguishers
  • Traveled there and trained teams with our simulator

Our efforts haven’t only been directed towards first responders or youth. Sometimes a simple reminder to those who work in this arena is absolutely necessary, too. After we lost two customers and a child on the east side of our territory due to grain entrapment in a 12-month period, the grain department developed an entrapment education bulletin and mailed it to every grain customer.

Grain bin safety is an issue that absolutely affects every generation on the farm and has for decades. Co-Alliance and it’s passionate employees will continue to contribute our time, resources and available funds to the education and advocacy of grain bin safety.

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