Sharing the Road: One Goal in Mind

We’ve been there before.

And if we’re being honest, just between us, we’re in this same situation more than we care to admit this time of year.

Running 5-10 minutes late and looking for every possible way to shave off a few minutes. So we throw our lunch into the passenger seat with no regard as to where the leftover lasagna lands, fail to grab a jacket because no one has time to be chilly this morning and pull out of the driveway with one hand on the wheel while throwing on sunglasses with your free hand.

A mile later you find yourself in a predicament that nearly everyone living in a rural midwestern community will this time of year: Going far under the speed limit because you’re stuck behind a piece of farm machinery. The machine acts an unintentional pace car for a row of vehicles patiently, or impatiently, trying to get to their destination.

Co-Alliance, your local farmer-owned cooperative, has dozens of employee applicators climbing up in these machines to prepare fields for spring planting. And while that preparation is on-going, your neighbor farmers are also grabbing a Mt. Dew and pulling their tractors, disks and planters onto public roads to get to the field to get seed in the ground.

This week we kick off a series of urgent reminders to safely share the road during this window of time when large farm machinery is moving from one field to another.

Late model vehicles zipping down the road may have alarms that alert the driver when someone is in their blind spot, but such technology isn’t in the cab of the Terragator, applicator or tractor.

View from the Cab:

So we need your help.

It takes one swift decision to pass at a time when you shouldn’t to cause a devastating accident that will include you, our employees and America’s farmers who are working to feed a population….much of whom they’ll never have the opportunity to meet.

Regardless of what our role is on the road each day, we all have one goal in mind: to get home to our family safely tonight.

Please be diligent in your awareness of large machinery and other vehicles around you and the speed at which they’re traveling.

We promise to do the same.

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