Faces Behind the Machine

T-ball games.

The grocery for a gallon of milk.

Rehearsal for the approaching dance recital.

The bank before it closes.

The BMV to renew those plates, which time is ticking away on.

We all have places to be and a to-do list that looms in the back of minds long after we leave work for the day.

The Co-Alliance team that works beyond the 5:00 whistle has many things to do, too. During the brief window of time when they can prepare a field for planting and then assist the local farmers in getting #Plant21 completed, their priority isn’t milk or the bank: It Is Safety.

This week we share with you the many faces of the Co-Alliance team that operates the large machinery you see on the road and in the fields that dot our rural communities.

You won’t find a group of harder working people. So dedicated and driven by the purpose behind the protocol.

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