Welcome 2021 Field Scouts!

This week we welcomed 51 college students to our Field Scout team for the summer. These interns will effectively become the eyes on our customer fields this growing season, walking hundreds of miles to scout fields on a daily basis.

Our interns bring another level of depth to in-season monitoring. They monitor and note plant health and potential disease pressure, allowing the grower to fine-tune their nutrient program uniquely to address what may be affecting their operation. 

They’ll spend their summer in the sunshine with this hands-on internship, experiencing cool mornings, warm afternoons and some really great scenery. During weekly calls, we always enjoy hearing the many interesting things these students will see and experience when covering such a vast territory.

This group will scout throughout Regions 1, 2, 3 and 4.

This group of 18 will be working in Regions 5 and 6 in east central Indiana and west central Ohio.

Our field scouts are the front lines of our agronomy services, monitoring our customer’s and member-owner’s fields for crop growth stages, diseases, weeds, and insects. Field scouts, work with industry experts and receive daily guidance as they bring their crop development knowledge to life.

We look forward to keeping up with this group throughout the summer and updating you on their progress and wins.

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