World of Opportunity: State FFA Officer Team in Avon

This week we had the absolute pleasure of welcoming the Indiana State Officer team to our headquarters in Avon. The team came to accept a $5,000 contribution Co-Alliance made to the Indiana FFA Foundation for leadership development. We say confidently that more came from the visit than monetary value. 

Officer Team with Amy Kinsler, VP of Sales and Marketing and Scott Logue, Executive Vice President

We believe in supporting programs that empower youth, we believe in agriculture education, and we believe in opportunity. 

Our visit was full of discussion that enlightened the team to ways that there is great opportunity in agriculture today. 

The team visited with Scott Logue, Executive Vice President, who began his career with  the cooperative as an applicator who was willing to do any job asked of him. When not in the cab of a sprayer, he was tying feed sacks at the mill, sweeping the shop floor or pulling a hose in energy. Today, he is a major decision maker of a multi-billion dollar company. 

The team also toured our headquarter building and learned about the many roles within the company that serve our customers. Not everyone employed by Co-Alliance has a farm background or a driving desire to work in agronomy; many employees have found their fit in proving membership benefits, developing customer-friendly software or even building more efficient routes and ways to fuel communities. 

We found it incredible that 4 of the 7 state officers did not have agricultural background. What a testament to FFA, agriculture education and the value of public speaking. These non-ag students, turned state FFA officers, will now be advocates of agriculture for the rest of their lives. 

The officer team visits with Rodney Graham, CFO

Finally, the officer team visited with our employees about the many opportunities in agriculture. The reoccurring thought was that you don’t have to go to college to be successful, but you do need to know how to take instruction, arrive on time and be willing to do the work at hand. Today in agriculture, individuals differentiate themselves by doing the aforementioned things well and consistently.

Co-Alliance is working diligently to stay ahead of the technology curve and remain a tremendous resource for our farmer-owners.  This allows for a wide array of careers available for any interests or specializations. Is your interest mechanics? Customer service? Drone technology? Soil science? Communications? Stay in tune with the growth of and opportunity within Co-Alliance. We’re excited for all that lies ahead for our cooperative and our famer-owners. 

Many thanks to the Indiana state officer team for the visit, the conversation and the opportunity to partner with you. 

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